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Noah and Friends - Block per month for 10 months

Noah and Friends - Block per month for 10 months

Product Information

Every year when the new Kookaburra Cottage quilt is advertised -  there seems to be an advertising war over price.  There can be some wide variations.    For this reason, we do not always advertise the quilt.   We have however run with this quilt this year,  because it is so beautiful.  The fabrics, of course, make the quilt and this quilt uses a lot of Nancy Halvorsen fabric which we stock on an ongoing basis as long as available from the supplier.  The Duck Egg blue border is large and needs to be of the best quality or it will fade with use quickly.

We are charging at the lower end of the recommended retail price and feel we can't do it any cheaper without sacrificing quality. We use only the prettiest fabric and the same border fabric.  We sincerely believe this is the best price that can be done given quality of fabric and generous cut to allow for squaring up etc. When you shop with us you are shopping with a retailer who has a reputation for good service, longevity and supplying the best fabric.  Further, we will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy with the result.

The border we are using is a Moda Home Duck Egg Blue fabric and is $35 per metre so a beautiful result is ensured.  You can view this fabric online at Moda's website - in the  Moda Home Section ( Fabrics) and  it is 54008 39H.  Highland Quiltworks supply this fabric and I believe it can be viewed on their website also.  We can do a pink or red with cream spot border too if you choose though these may be from another supplier (depending on demand).

Enjoy doing this Block of the Month with us in 2020.

We love to get your feedback!

Here is what one happy customer wrote recently:

Yesterday I collected my first three blocks from the post office and I have to say I cant wait to start the quilt. I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the kits, in particular the quality of the fabric. We quilters spend so much time and effort in the creation of our quilts I strongly believe the materials we use should be the best we can afford. I have no hesitation in recommending your business to fellow quilters.


Price: $AU28.00

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